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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

YOU ARE HERE: Exploring Human Evolution

Ithaca Explores Human Origins continues at TCPL with this exciting new exhibit which will be on display in the Avenue of the Friends through the end of January.  

For centuries, people have explored potential answers to the question “What Does It Mean To Be Human?”  Scientists look to our physical history for clues.  The bodies of our ancestors tells us about human evolution, and through careful study we can begin to piece together the puzzle.  The study of human evolution is essential.  It allows us both to uncover the worlds of our ancient ancestors and to unravel the mystery of how we became US. 

The exhib explores how Evolution connects all life on earth.

It explains how we are all connected through the tree of life.

With explanatory panels, fossils, skulls and man's earliest tools, it helps us understand how six key characteristics make us human. 

This exhibit was created collaboratively by the Paleontological Research Institution, Tompkins County Public Library, Cornell University and Ithaca College.  A special thank you to Warren Allmon, Adam Arcadi, Margaret Butler, Frederick Gleach, Sally Grubb, John Gurche, Jennifer Muller, Lisa Peck, Rob Ross and Beth Stricker. It was made possible with support from Cornell University and the Derek & Leora Kaufman Charitable Fund, and funding provided by the Tompkins County Public Library Foundation made possible through the support of grants from the Tompkins County Tourism Program.

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