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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Visual Culture at IHS Opens at TCPL - Saturday, June 25, 2016

Sophie Becraft
Once again, TCPL is delighted to be able to present Visual Culture at IHS, Ithaca High School’s annual show of artwork created during the past year. 
Zareth Halaby-Perez

Selected by students and art faculty, the work represents some of the best work created during the year by some very talented students.  Students who study art, whether or not they intend to continue their studies after high school, want to talk about the world about them; about what they know, see and feel through their art.  
Mourin Jarin

Molly Swartmout

Shy'ee Meng

Through a variety of different media including drawings, paintings, ceramics, mixed media, prints and photographs, the images included in this show are personal portraits and perspectives of their school, their friends, their lives.  Text and image, symbolism, faces and places are presented as a visual dialogue of these young artists’ lives.

This exhibit will be on display through the end of July.

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