Tompkins County Public Library

Monday, April 11, 2016

Ordinary People: Stories and Treasures

There is still time to visit TCPL to view the exhibit Ordinary People: Stories and Treasures, whch highlights the cultural experiences of the local Muslim community. This exhibit in the Avenue of the Friends will be on display through April 22.

When discussing the exhibit with curator Nagiane Lacka Arriaza and asking for signage describing 
the different cultural items on display such as the Prayer Rug, which is
 "Placed on the ground to create a clean space to sit and kneel in prayer; used by many Muslims around the world" I was interested in the comment she made.  "Items like a prayer rug as so common in my life that I find it hard to explain them.  I feel as if someone has asked me what a pillow or curtain is.  This process (of curating the exhibit) has been an amusing learning experience for me."

This sums up so well how Muslim culture is common place to Nagiane but different and strange to me and vice versa!!

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