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Friday, June 12, 2015

TCPL celebrates the summer with exciting new exhibit

Dreamtime: Surreal, Allegorical & Fantastic Art curated by Frances Fawcett and Margaret Nelson opens at the Library on Friday, June 19 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at a special, after-hours, opening reception.

Carcasone Abstract by Nancy V. Ridenour

Curators Frances Fawcett and Margaret Nelson are both working artists at the State of the Art Gallery, are scientific illustrators and both are also lovers of science fiction and fantasy.  While surreal and fantastical art is often represented at local shows, Fawcett and Nelson were intrigued by the thought of a show devoted entirely to surreal, alegorical and fantastic art.

Starcatchers by Patrick Parks
The pieces they have chosen to display in the Library range from fantasy children's book illustration, to classic surrealism, to pure allegory, to depictions of the dream state and even to video game art.  

Ghosts at the Wedding 1 by G.L. Gould
They have included a broad range of work and a broad range of media.  Some of the art transports the viewer immediately into another world, some shows the disquieting effects of an altered psychological state, and some simply juxtaposes images in an unexpected, playful, and delightful way. 

Whether the artists find their sources in mythology, in the real world, or in the subconscious mind, the curators hope the pieces in this show will engage, delight and surprise.

Guardians by Rebecca Godin
Participating artists include milly acharya, Al Afaro, Robin Botie, Nicole Monique Carrier-Titti, Marla Coppolino, William Deats, Jane Dennis, Frances Fawcett, Rebeca Godin, G.L. Gould, Gina Inzinna, Brian Keeler, Susan C. Larkin and Timothy Larkin, Shannon Mazourek, Daniel McPheeters, Vincenzo Naro, Margaret C. Nelson, Diane W. Newton, Scott Pardee, Patrick Parks, Stephan Phillips, Margaret Reed, Nancy V. Ridenour, Eileen Seeley Schlag, Kim Schrag, June Silberman, Carol Spence, Matthew A. Wheeler.

Exotic Animal by Stephan Phillips
Artigoat by Robin Botie

The opening reception takes place after-hours at Tompkins Country Public Library from 6:00 to 8:00 pm in Friday, June 19.  After the Library closes, entry  is through the BorgWarner room entrance behind the bus shelter on Green Street.

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