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Friday, January 9, 2015

TCPL presents Island Mountain Glacier - Photographs by Anika Steppe Gallery Night, 5 - 8 PM, Friday January 9, 2015

Join us at Gallery Night and meet the curator, Danielle Mericle, and the photographer, Anika Steppe who will be at the library from 5 to 8 PM to talk with patrons.

Mericle selected the images from the work Steppe completed during her residency in Iceland and says:  

"In Island Mountain Glacier, Anika Steppe offers a photographic meditation on the harsh yet beautiful terrain of Iceland.  Shot while on residency throughout the winter months, Steppe presents us with images of glaciers, domestic spaces, and landscapes—each photograph rendered with a keen eye for color and executed with quiet restraint.  Throughout the work, she searches for a trace of what the locals call the hulduf√≥lk (“hidden folk”), mythological beings from Icelandic folklore that are believed to live amongst the glacial rocks.  Taken within this context, we begin to look for clues in the photographs to the existence of something other.  As such, we begin to question our grasp of the “real,” and recognize the limitations therein."

Anika Steppe talks about her residency and the work she created: 

"Some days the wind was so strong there was no point in trying to go anywhere.

"When the weather was bearable, Iceland seemed like the most expansive and forever surprising place, yet on the windy days it couldn’t have seemed smaller. I spent half of my time there searching, and the other half hiding.

"Being in a country known for its acceptance of mythical beings, such as the hulduf√≥lk (the hidden folk), I felt compelled to search for traces of another’s existence; for a subtle energy that can’t quite be placed.

"It wasn’t exactly a search for mystical creatures prancing around; it became about confronting our limited ability to understand reality. About allowing myself to not immediately write off something that is considered outlandish. About earnestly entertaining the belief that there is something else."

The exhibit will be on display in the New Fiction and North Reading Room areas through the end of March.  It was made possible with grant support from the Community Arts Partnership of Tompkins County and the Tomplins County Public Library Foundation.

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