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Friday, April 4, 2014

Artists in the Archives - part of 150 Years and Counting - Opens Friday, April 4 2014

Three artists, working separately, transform library card catalogs into an art form.  Each artist envisions the catalogs’ potential in a different way.
Book Marks by Barbara Page: One artist; one card catalog.
Barbara Page collects library cards representing books that have made an impression on her and marks them with drawings, rubber stamping, and collage elements that encode her recollections of the book each card designates.  The completed cards are filed in an old library case now labeled Book Marks.

The Alternet by Carla Rae Johnson: over 70 artists; one card catalog.

What does an artist do with a fifty drawer card catalog?  Artist Carla Rae Johnson has filled one with over fourteen thousand works of art!  More than seventy artists participated in The Alternet, creating three hundred drawings, photos, collages, or writings on three inch by five inch cards. Browse through The Alternet card catalog and make amazing discoveries in every drawer.  It’s like Facebook for your fingers!

The Call to Everyone
by JoAnne Wilcox: Everyone, even YOU: one card catalog.
The Call to Everyone project is an exhibition of over 600 discarded library catalog cards that have been repurposed as canvases for cell phone photos. Participants from all over the United States and from 12 countries have utilized these catalog and due date cards. Directions to participate:

These three, repurposed card catalogs will be displayed in the Avenue of the Friends, during April, May and June 2014.  Barbara Pages card catalog Book Marks will be displayed in an exhibit case to protect the artwork.  Browsing is welcome in the other catalogs.

As it is part of the Sesquicentennial exhibit
Artists in the Archives will open with a special reception during Gallery Opening Night on Friday, April 4, 5 - 8 PM.

After 5 PM entry to the Library is through the BorgWarner Community Room door behind the bus shelter on Green Street.

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