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Friday, March 1, 2013

Get-Up State - 3 days of Live Mural Painting featuring some of the world's best Graffiti Artists April 5 - 7, 2013

Tompkins County Public Library, with the generous support of Ironlak AVT Paints, is proud to present Get-Up State - Three days of live, mural painting, featuring some of the world's finest graffiti artists April 5 - 7.

World-class guest artists include:

Bates AIO;  Nicer TATS;  Bio TATS;  BG 183 TATS;  Doc TC5;  Sye TC5;  Dero TC5 FC TFP FX;  Mare 139 CIA ROC STARS;  Wane COD;  Luze FC;  Python XMEN BAD;  Art Child BTX;  Vins EOS FC;  Zone WST;  Stae 2 WST;  Seter GFR;  Mast TGE;  Skam KAOS INC;  Slon AK YNN;  Range FUA;  Zoner FUA;  Snoe FUA;  Cruk FUA;  Bones FUA;  Tomb DBM;  Rapes DF ATT;  Enue COD;  Crazy Apes;  Pure TFP;  and more!

The mural painting will be taking place on the stark Cornell University Press Building at 770 Cascadilla Street, Friday through Sunday. Limited on-site parking is available. The nearest TCAT bus on Friday and Saturday is #13 which leaves Seneca Street/the Commons on the hour and stops at Cascadilla and Third Street.

Spectators are strongly encouraged to watch what promises to be an amazing display of talent from some of the best artists on today's graffiti scene. All wall space is reserved and visitors are requested to respect guest artists and their working space. 

Witness firsthand this incredible showcase and see just how far graffiti has come since the early days of Hip-Hop and how incredible an art form it is.

Visit the Get-Up State Facebook page for regularly-updated information.

Part of "Hip Hop: Unbound from the Underground," this event is coordinated by Cap Matches Color and made possible with the generous support of Ironlak AVT Paint, the guest artists, Writers Bench, Cornell University Press and grant support from the Tompkins County Tourism Program. 

For more information about other TCPL events that are part of Unbound from the Underground visit

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