Tompkins County Public Library

Monday, September 10, 2012

Drawing on Democracy curated by Terry Plater

Drawing on Democracy will be on display in the Library through October 11.

Jane Dennis
Terry Plater
An elaboration of the curator’s ongoing preoccupation with questions of aesthetics and equity, and fortuitously timed to coincide with the nation’s 2012 presidential campaign, this exhibit asks artists to address one simple question:  What does democracy look like?  Guest artists were asked to respond to that question in drawings, an act which is as conducive to thinking as it is to mark-making and art-making.  The result provices an informative and thought provoking visual answer to this important question, and the beginning of an extended conversation.

Nancy Ridenour
The exhibit features multi-media pieces by Ben Altman, Stan Bowman, Jane Dennis, Yvonne Piburn, Steven Phillips, Nancy Ridenour, Werner Sun, Marion Van Soest and Plater and offers a visual and hands-on exploration of democracy.  Issues explored by the exhibit include:  the honorable treatment of children, the unambiguous recognition of religious freedom, the flag as a metaphor for inclusion or as a fabric of disarray, the spectrum of public participation and the notion of artistic expression and creation.

Ben Altman
Through the inclusion of Ben Altman’s photographic installation, the viewer is asked to participate in the exhibit and make their own comment on democracy.

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